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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers provided are a general guideline for our sailing school. For more specific details, please contact us.

What should I bring?

A complete change of clothes (these boats will capsize!), water bottles, extra shoes, a towel, sunblock, sunglasses, a hat, and snacks. Lunch is provided.

What should I wear?

Wear clothes that can get wet – so wear synthetic gym clothes and try not to wear cotton. To limit your exposure to the sun we recommend bringing a hat, a poly-blend shirt (moisture-wicking fabric) and sunblock.

What about shoes?

Please wear water shoes or other shoes that won’t be damaged by water.  Your shoes are going to get wet. DO NOT wear flip flops because you need to be able to have a good foothold. It’s best to wear shoes that have a non-slip sole.

What about a life jacket?

We provide life jackets for all students. You’re also welcome to bring your own personal life jacket (Type II or III FPS required).

I wear glasses. What should I do?

When you’re sailing, it can get windy and you can be splashed with water. Sometimes, your glasses can get knocked off your face. If you have to wear prescription glasses, please get Croakies (available at many sporting goods or boating stores) to keep the glasses safely on your face. Please note: cheap sunglasses never fall off your face.

Can I bring my cell phone with me when I go sailing?

No, because your cell phone gets very very nervous at the thought of getting wet. It’s best to leave your cell phone and other electronics in safely in the sailing school office or at home. There will be plenty of photos taken at the waterfront that will be shared with the group.

How do I get the most out of the lesson?

If you’re new to sailing, make sure to let your instructor know that you’re not familiar with boats. If you’re already familiar with sailing and are feeling more confident, decide on a skill that you want to practice and let your instructor know what your goals are.

How can I sponsor a child?

We have scholarships available if you would like to help provide a child with the opportunity to participate! Please call us at (252) 402-7878. All donations to our program are tax-deductible.

What happens if there is a storm or bad weather?

Due to the nature of sailing and the weather, we do not cancel classes nor are we able to provide refunds for bad weather, with the following exception: If — at any time during your course — a tropical storm watch, warning or hurricane watch or warning is issued for the area, you may take a rain check for the unused portion of your class.

In the event that bad weather arises during the day, the Lead Instructor will discontinue outdoor activities and will hold class indoors.

Do you offer classes for adults?

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